The Who That Is Me

Hi. My name is Lyra. Let me tell you some things about myself, as I am under the impression that this is what the “About” page is for (though I already made  a post about me, I will never pass up the opportunity to talk about myself)

I’m 19, and am in my third year of college at some university in the Philippines. I study Language & Literature (supposing that studying does not include actually learning anything).

I’m a pansexual, but biologically female.

I love music. I can’t play, though.

I love nature, but I hate going outside because of humans.

I have a lot of issues. A lot. I plan on seeking professional help, though.

I like reading, too, when I can understand what I’m reading. I’m mostly stupid with a dash of tortured genius.

OK. I think that does the trick.

Hello. This is my personal blog, Life In A Meta-Egocentric Universe. Do bear in mind that while most of the time I seem like a sensible blogger with a lot of pretentious pa-deep thoughts to throw all over your screens, I am also a teenager (yes, goddammit, I’m not proud but there it is, it’s out) and I am prone to posting about my day, random musings, and–*cough*–love (or at least what I presume to be love).

Also, if you fight for the rights of parenthetical remarks, stay away from my blog, as I have a tendency to abuse & disabuse them.

That is all.

If you sit in the middle, you will be the middle.


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