My brain is being visited by random sounds and smells

How strange. This intro to a Mexican telenovela just started playing in my head last night. I have a vague memory of having watched the show in the afternoons when I was around 4 or 5, but aside from that I don’t remember any episode from the show, or what it was about. The show’s title, El Diario de Daniela, has floated around in my head for most of my life, without really being attached to anything. I finally decided to look it up, and was somewhat surprised to find that all these years I had been humming the melody correctly—note for note—in my head, right from 00:30.  It’s strange, because I don’t really think about it, I don’t actually remember anything about it, and yet I’ve never forgotten it. And last night this intro just began playing in my head, snippets of its tune mixing in with Blur, Beach Boys, and the Swiss Army Man soundtrack. I wonder if it’s trying to tell me something. Maybe my mind is so hung up on the present and future that it’s decided to introduce some positive/neutral feeling of nostalgia for the past, if only to ground me.

Odd. Last night, too, I remember being hit by a vivid memory of this very particular scent. It was the smell of lotion from a brand called Bambini. They used to hand out samples of the stuff during school fairs back in 4th grade. I remember the smell flooding the classroom as girls ripped open their packets, eager to try them out; sweet and cloying, the kind of fruity smell that would give you headaches after a while. There wasn’t an image in my head, but the memory of the smell was very realistic. I almost thought someone in the house had bought a bottle of the lotion and was using it in the middle of the night.

I’m being haunted by insignificant sensations from my youth.


Ylvis – Someone Like Me

Excuse me, miss
but do you like the dubstep?

May I present to you Ylvis, the Lonely Island of Norway (though apparently they were in the business years before than the Dudes). Ylvis is actually two people, brothers Bard & Vegard Ylvisaker (with IPA symbols I am too lazy to look for)—both are hilarious, extremely good-looking, have funny accents that manage to sound sexy, and can actually sing. The blond angel singing in this genius piece of musical + dubstep is Bard, and your ears are testament to the fact that the boy has got some serious singing talent. The lady with the beautiful voice I am not entirely familiar with, though her face does resemble WIllem Dafoe’s (I don’t mean to insult! Willem Dafoe is a very handsome man!). I will probably never get tired of this video, since I have already dipped a toe into the realm of dubstep some time ago and reluctantly embraced it. This video  + song, however, is a total game changer, and I am seriously considering listening to more dubstep in the future, because I now recognize it more as a genre than a subject of online ridicule.

My horizons widen and broaden again, thanks to Swatdojo and Ylvis.

In Which Dave Franco Fucks Himself, Et Cetera

I am in love with this boy and I have the weirdest lady-boner right now.

I first noticed him in 21 Jump Street. Later, I found out he was also in Superbad, and recently in Now You See Me. One thing these films have in common is that all of them have the Seth/Jonah/Michael/Jesse thing going on, either in whole or in part. Another is that I fucking love these movies. And another is that I fucking love these boys (except maybe Danny McBride). No wonder I liked this Franco the moment I noticed him (because I didn’t, not right away). And now I find that he is a gorgeous human being with the same sense of humour I loved in Seth Rogen et al. Plus—and I never thought I’d say this about anyone without wanting to throw myself off a bridge—he has a killer smile. I swear it, his smile is the first one I would concede to calling killer. I’ve never seen a smile as charming and disarming as his (not even Johnny Depp? No, not even.)

This is a Funny Or Die video, mind you, so don’t take it seriously. He does a lot of these, apparently, with Christopher Mintz Plasse (more commonly known as McLovin, and is also extremely hot); more than a few with running themes of homosexuality, all of them hilarious. I am also slain by Jay Baruchel, who seems to be more similar to Mintz Plasse than Franco in that they are both geeky- and gawky-looking and totally smokin’.

All of these feelings were brought about by This Is The End. It was nowhere near as good as Superbad, but I laughed myself to tears just the same because it was all so damn stupid. And all of them (except Danny McBride) so damn HOT. So yeah, blame the funny guys for setting alight my female hormones, and Funny Or Die for making videos with Dave Franco and sex in them.

As a parting gift, here’s a video of Dave Franco and Chris Mintz Plasse trying to make each other horny in the middle of a field.

[vimeo 29261168 w=640&h=420]
“Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust

Song posted earlier here, again. Quite disappointing how there’s recently been less and less original creative output, & more and more recycling of posts. Sigh.

But in my defense, this is the first time I’ve seen the video and I just liked it a lot! It’s pretty fucking hilarious how it has the 90s written all over it. I want to see this again in the future, when I’m old and wrinkly and having a hard time trying to remember what I used to spend hours of my life on. Yes, this blog is serving as a time capsule. And hey, good music is good music, right? And it’s even better when there’re moving pictures to look at, haw haw.

On a side note: wow, now I’m really starting to think Thomas has a “thing” for silver.

“Fire Escape” by Fanfarlo

Like with Sugar Lips, this song by Fanfarlo is making the rounds twice in this blog, simply because the video is awesome. Probably not the best way to dissuade someone from committuing suicide, but hey, if it works, it works. I love how it’s shot, though, and the way the colours came out at the end. ♥

Also, apparently the guys & gal acting in the video are the band members. How cool is that?

“Sugar Lips” by North Highlands

I already posted the song here a few days ago, but I just thought the video was worth sharing as well. It’s one of those beautifully shot and coloured MVs that I really can’t pass up. Also, the song is awesome. I discovered them through some person’s blog while I was looking for answers to my homework. Neat, huh. I really like this song’s sound, and the lyrics, and Brenda’s voice, and the video, and pretty much the entire thing. I’ll be following this band for updates, I’m sure. My pirate muscles need some flexin’, and I need me some North Highlands everywhere I go. But they’re so indie it’s painful.. *sigh*