Ylvis – Someone Like Me

Excuse me, miss
but do you like the dubstep?

May I present to you Ylvis, the Lonely Island of Norway (though apparently they were in the business years before than the Dudes). Ylvis is actually two people, brothers Bard & Vegard Ylvisaker (with IPA symbols I am too lazy to look for)—both are hilarious, extremely good-looking, have funny accents that manage to sound sexy, and can actually sing. The blond angel singing in this genius piece of musical + dubstep is Bard, and your ears are testament to the fact that the boy has got some serious singing talent. The lady with the beautiful voice I am not entirely familiar with, though her face does resemble WIllem Dafoe’s (I don’t mean to insult! Willem Dafoe is a very handsome man!). I will probably never get tired of this video, since I have already dipped a toe into the realm of dubstep some time ago and reluctantly embraced it. This video  + song, however, is a total game changer, and I am seriously considering listening to more dubstep in the future, because I now recognize it more as a genre than a subject of online ridicule.

My horizons widen and broaden again, thanks to Swatdojo and Ylvis.

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