In Which Dave Franco Fucks Himself, Et Cetera

I am in love with this boy and I have the weirdest lady-boner right now.

I first noticed him in 21 Jump Street. Later, I found out he was also in Superbad, and recently in Now You See Me. One thing these films have in common is that all of them have the Seth/Jonah/Michael/Jesse thing going on, either in whole or in part. Another is that I fucking love these movies. And another is that I fucking love these boys (except maybe Danny McBride). No wonder I liked this Franco the moment I noticed him (because I didn’t, not right away). And now I find that he is a gorgeous human being with the same sense of humour I loved in Seth Rogen et al. Plus—and I never thought I’d say this about anyone without wanting to throw myself off a bridge—he has a killer smile. I swear it, his smile is the first one I would concede to calling killer. I’ve never seen a smile as charming and disarming as his (not even Johnny Depp? No, not even.)

This is a Funny Or Die video, mind you, so don’t take it seriously. He does a lot of these, apparently, with Christopher Mintz Plasse (more commonly known as McLovin, and is also extremely hot); more than a few with running themes of homosexuality, all of them hilarious. I am also slain by Jay Baruchel, who seems to be more similar to Mintz Plasse than Franco in that they are both geeky- and gawky-looking and totally smokin’.

All of these feelings were brought about by This Is The End. It was nowhere near as good as Superbad, but I laughed myself to tears just the same because it was all so damn stupid. And all of them (except Danny McBride) so damn HOT. So yeah, blame the funny guys for setting alight my female hormones, and Funny Or Die for making videos with Dave Franco and sex in them.

As a parting gift, here’s a video of Dave Franco and Chris Mintz Plasse trying to make each other horny in the middle of a field.

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