I have been busy. Very busy. The sem just ended. I am home, and supposedly now on vacation. But you know what’s crazy? I still am busy. With my acads. Even after the sem has ended. I understand that this is due to my own stupid procrastination but I had no idea it would to be this cruel, mon dieu I just finished a paper and I am now about to begin on another that’s due midnight tonight but I don’t think I can do it anymore, I need sleep and Jim Morrison in my life right now. And maybe some Oreos in pancake batter. Deep fried and smothered in chocolate.

Diyos ko, it’s two days past the end of the semester, but my Hell Week doesn’t end until tonight. Somebody kill me!

P.S. Will be updating this blog properly some time soon. Just gotta get all this shit over and done with

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