On Twitter #4: Pressures, Expectations, Insecurities & Incapabilities

Last tweet is first.

  1. incapable of even getting their thoughts in order, let alone write a coherent essay on it. Fuck it, I’m not going to do this. I’m done.

  2. of the class; it was just a stroke of luck, and an unlucky one at that. It’s unfair for people to expect great things from someone so

  3. so much, and I haven’t even finished the outline. I am very close to just quitting on it. Fuck if the prof thinks I’m smarter than the rest

  4. on just my outline, and an extra day of binge-eating to get me through the writing process itself. This time it’s a short story that I hate

  5. The last time I did a paper for this subject, it was on a poem, and it took me 3 days of languishing in existential anguish to get started

  6. This paper is due in a few hours. We’ve been required to do a close reading on that one story I couldn’t bear to even skim through twice.

  7. Nakakapressure gumawa ng paper kapag kilala ka na ng prof for writing an “excellent paper” that one time.

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