been taking care of yourself
you look good
you look good, 
you look good

I don’t know you anymore
it’s been too long
let’s go back,
all, all the way back
to where everything starts

are you here to stay?
now you’re back and are you here to stay?

’cause some things never leave
some things never leave this heart, heart
—”Sugar Lips” by North Highlands

You remember that one afternoon you came back? I wasn’t expecting you at all that day, and the sky was beautiful.

This song, you know it? No? Then I want you to hear it for the first time, from me, so that when you hear it again you’ll think of me. That way, something could make me cross your mind at some point or other.

It still feels like a stab and punch to the gut every time I remember the little things, but I manage. I don’t want to feel this anymore, though. I don’t want to think about how your life is so much more different now than when we last met, and how I am very much not in it. You walk around in my head everyday when everything is silent, messing up picture frames and moving furniture an inch to the left.. And it is so unfair, so unfair.


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