On Twitter #3: Class Reporting, or Hell Is Never Truly Far From Us

You know the drill.

  1. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room, crying about how stupid I am

  2. think I’m not? These people are asking for too much. And it’s these unrealistic expectations that’lll probably shoot my future to shit.

  3. productive about it, wasting precious hours just talking about nonsense and pitying itself. Damn it. Why am I so stupid, and why do people

  4. irrational insecurities, too. What a catch, this brain. And all it can do is whine about the academic pile-up instead of trying to be

  5. help, this magnificent brain. It’s funny how some people covet this brain. They can fucking have it, if they want. It comes with built-in

  6. the time, /every time/ I have homework. It seems to have no problem yammering away about useless random things in the downtime, though. Not

  7. ball and cry in front of everyone? Plus the fact that my brain is once again refusing to talk to me. I swear to god it keeps doing this al

  8. OF STRANGERS WHILE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING COHERENTLY. How does a person even do that without wanting to faint or vomit or just curl up in a

  9. smart and thus are probably expecting too much from me. And I probably have to deliver this report while wearing a dress. A DRESS IN FRONT

  10. front of an entire class wherein I have no friends and only 2 acquaintances.. And apparently way too many people who think I’m so cool and

  11. I have to make a report on Tuesday.. This is a report that is normally done by three people. THREE PEOPLE. And I have to do it alone. In

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