Good Morning!

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come home practically all
is nearly forgiven

almost everything
could be forgotten

good morning

sometimes I wish you were here
weather permitting

right thoughts, right words, right action
this time, same as before
I’ll love you forever
—”Right Action” by Franz Ferdinand

Official video for Franz Ferdinand’s lead single from their new album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. Yay! The sound kind of reminds me of beaches—raunchy pop-rock is the closest I can come to a description—but the signature Franz Ferdinand uniqueness is still all over the place. The video is very nice and I watched it over and over again; it made me hungry for eggs, haha!

OK so this is just going to be a quick post about happenings & things. Much like the rest of the posts on this here blog, yes. LOL.

This morning was generally a good one: the weather has returned to dark-sunglasses weather, I had marvelous bacon for breakfast (first time in my home life, I believe; I was never a fan before, but I sure am now!), and my literary analysis paper for my Lit Crit class came back with a perfect score, plus approving comments from the totally awesome professor. Of course there were snags: I had diarrhea (possibly from the bacon but I dare say it was worth it), I ran totally late for class, and my friend’s grandmother died. That last one really took some things from the morning.

But anyway, all that’s there and has happened. The morning was good; I hope the day stays good all throughout. And that my tinnitus—the bells now having taken shelter in both ears like fuck man—goes away soon. (not a good ending but meh)

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