New Music From My Indie Heroes

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so it’s over
I didn’t realize

it’s so much colder
but it was no surprise
did you ever get to know me?
’cause it has never been so plain to see

’cause every day since you left me
I thought less and less of you

and I’ve worn out all the reasons
to keep on knocking at your door
could be the changing of the seasons
but I don’t love you anymore
—”Changing Of The Seasons” by Two Door Cinema Club

Brand new material from Two Door Cinema Club! This one is from their upcoming EP of the same title. I absolutely love this song! First heard of it a few weeks ago, from my fellow indie kid Jandel.. And I fell in love with it instantly. Seriously, check out the lyrics. This is the song of my broken but mending heart, man (naks). This track has gained a sure spot on the tracklist of the last mix CD I’m making her.

Oh and have I mentioned how much I love this band? No? Well, here’s what happeed: I first saw them when I was in high school, on MTV; at the time, they were the Push artists for the month (or something like that). Their latest video then was “I Can Talk”. To be honest, I wasn’t hooked at all on that song, but I decided to give them a shot anyway, since I needed a new artist to listen to. Then I heard “Undercover Martyn” and “Costume Party”, and that did it for me. Since they were such a new artist and so painfully indie, it was excruciatingly difficult to hunt down their music online.. But thanks to my download prowess (naks! but seriously, I have this thing with indie and downloading), I found their EP Four Words To Stand On, and their first full-length album Tourist History, and wasted no time downloading it. It changed my life, honestly. Never was I more thankful for the advent of the internet and online downloads. I love them to bits, up to this day.

And also, they’re coming to the Philippines this November!! Jandel had somewhat jokingly(?) invited me to watch with him, so maybe I’ll try to be serious about saving up. The tickets are sure to be pricey, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to and make an effort for, even if futilely.

You’ve come a long way, TDCC. Cheers!


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