On Twitter #1: On Education & Other Things

Tenth Tweet is first in the chronological order.

  1. *sigh* I really need a boyfriend/girlfriend/gayfriend to bother about these things

  2. These are facts. Or if not, they’re musings. I’m just thinking out loud. Or feeling sorry for myself out loud, if you please.

  3. Therefore it follows that I’m stupid. Well even if it doesn’t it doesn’t change the fact that I am. I don’t want platitudes, though. Please.

  4. It’s mostly bc I’m lazy, sure, but if I really am a true scholar I should be thirsty for knowledge & do whatever I can to acquire it

  5. I mean look the fuck at me, I don’t even know what pedagogical means, or the phonological & morphological processes, & I can’t read too much

  6. And besides that school couldn’t teach me anything in 4 yrs (or 10, including elem), how could they possibly hope to teach me anything in 2?

  7. Man those years felt like Hell jacked up on cocaine. I wouldn’t have stayed even if I had to. & thank the cosmos I didn’t have to

  8. But of course that’s not to say that I would have preferred K12. Fuck no, I’d never go through 2 extra HS years no matter what anyone says

  9. I should’ve started college later in my life. My brain was too stupid at 16 to have a firm grasp on the amazing concepts they were teaching

  10. Tangina if I could restart my college life I would bc I have not learned jackshit man I’m so stupid I couldn’t keep up with the lessons

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