My New Late Night Habit: Diego C’s Head Sounds.

Foaming At The Mouth, by Diego Castillo
EP 1: Justify yr Existence

Diego Castillo is the guitarist for the OPM band <S>andwich, is also a member of how many other bands I cannot name, friends with most of the music scene (then again, this is expected), probably has a hundred other side projects, and apparently is also a DJ. The more I listen to this guy..

I absolutely love this playlist, and Diego’s voice, and all the info he throws in about the songs and the artists. He’s such a music nerd; you can almost hear a tinny fanboy squeal when he speaks in between the songs. I absolutely love all of it, especially his song choices. Man, these tunes are so good, I’d smoke it if I could! Best company for late nights.. And the fact that he’s one of the Generation X indie kids-cum-musicians in the Philippines that I looked up to in my struggling years of high school mediocrity makes for a comforting listen. This fits in with my recently-acquired hobby of listening to playlists made by other people (especially on, but this playlist is so good, the songs are so good—probably because he’s been a musician for 15 years now—that I’ll probably be listening to this episode again for the next few nights, or every chance I get. And of course, I’ll be watching out for the coming episodes!

Oh and by the way, the second episode is out: Hashtag The Bad Batch. I’m currently still listening to the first episode, but I couldn’t resist taking a peak at the song line-up and wow I am now really excited to listen to it!

Update: I am now listening to it and oh my word I think the theme for this episode is hiphop and beats, I’m only two songs in but I am already sold!!

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