I used to check in on your blog every few days because I was afraid you’d kill yourself and I’d lose the one person whom I thought felt the same things & saw the world the way I did. I was sure you’d go through with it, because I knew—or at least thought I knew, thought I weighed the same gravity during the same nights of lying stock-still & staring at the ceiling—what you felt, but also that you were more decisive about things than I was; where I couldn’t do it, you could.But you didn’t, and I’m glad you didn’t. It’s just a little sad that the person I thought could be the other half of my soul is apparently broken in another way, & sees things differently. I was stupid to have thought that we could be the person the other one needed. I was stupid to have thought that you needed any company other than your own misery. Hell, if I had any idea who you were, I should have known that from the start.

So I’m sorry I tried.

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