I’ve been back on Facebook since last weekend. I couldn’t resist; I bypassed the Cold Turkey software I installed. Been whoring away on the damned site since Sunday. I feel so dirty and weak uhuhu. Also, I feel like I’m more of a social media whore now than before UHUHUHU Maybe going cold turkey wasn’t such a good idea after all. I should have kept that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” adage in mind and thought it through before committing, & inevitably failing. I’ll try to set the software back up—because I have to do the procedure again if I want to confirm my assumptions—but I don’t think I can do it anytime soon. I’ll wait maybe a week more. In the meantime, I shall shamelessly post my random things day in and day out. Not much different from this blog, really, except this place needs to be run with a bit more conscience and finesse. Heheh yeah right, I don’t got to be finesse for nobody


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