What An Uncool Day.

I left my umbrella and my phone at home, and it rained for almost three hours. I couldn’t go anywhere, because the rain was really hard and I couldn’t text anyone to come for me or anything. I sat by the college’s hall writing bullshit, incidentally in front of the faculty office. When my friend profs (if I could call them that) came out to go home, they saw me and waved an awkward hello. I think they were under the impression that I was waiting for them to come out so we could go home together, like some deranged overly-attached student. Well, technically I was waiting for Sir, but not because I wanted to attach myself to him. My reason was actually rather Machiavellian in nature: I wanted to walk home with him because he had an umbrella, and I did not. We take the same route to the terminal, anyway, so I figured if I asked nicely (or clued them in in a subtle way) it wouldn’t be much of an issue.. But then there was that awkward “hello”—like someone was twisting his nuts—and I lost all hope.

Then, I lost my new good pen. Granted, it was only worth 10php, but it was a good pen, a great pen. It would have served me beautifully for a long time. I just hope whoever found it puts it to good use (actually kind of torn between wanting it in good hands or not wanting it found at all uhuhu). I might have left it in the muck, and if I did I’d kick myself in my imaginary nuts for it. The rain let up eventually, but only a little. It was starting to get dark, so I walked all the way from campus to the terminal in the freaking rain. That’ s a good 20 solid minutes of walking under the damned drip. I kept my head down the entire walk, so my face didn’t get wet (a few stray drops sliding from my hair made its way to my forehead though), which is good. I was soaked to my shoes by the time I got to the jeep, and then this fuckin’ lady cuts in line. I wanted to sock her in the mouth, but I didn’t. I was too tired, and too sad, to do any such justice-violence.

So now I am left with: one pen less, one story more, one pounding headache, hundreds of drips cascading down my back from my hair, a black hole in my gut the size of a golf ball, and five wet articles of clothing.

This day is a fail. Not a win at all.

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