Yesterday afternoon I was running late for my counseling appointment, so I ran for it despite the obstacle my fatness presented. As I, umm, trundled along the college’s corridor, I saw Sir Favourite walking from the canteen towards me, so I waved a cheery “Hi Sir!” He then crossed his arms in an X, uncrossed them to touch his shoulders, then straightened both of them out to point at me, all the while leaning back a little. It was an odd gesture, something I associate with  either gangstas or the 90s jologs culture. And it seemed totally random. Without stopping, I managed to squeak out a “Wat?!” as I ran past him, smiling confusedly. I had thought it was going to be a one time thing, but when I saw him again in the other building I tested out the gesture on him, and he returned it. Today I saw him twice, and without talking we did the thing. I still don’t have any idea what it means, but it’s awesome because he started it, and I feel like it’s something he reserves for the two of us. Friendship level up! Hahaha

This afternoon, me & my best friend stood around by the campus main gate, a few minutes away from going our separate ways. We were talking idly among ourselves when these two girls approached us and asked to have a picture taken with me. I couldn’t say anything for a few seconds as my mind blabbered feverishly about the ground opening and swallowing me whole. One girl then explained that it was their friend’s 18th birthday, and apparently I looked a lot like her (poor soul!) and they wanted to include my photo in the VTR. My best friend was stifling his laughter and raising an approving eyebrow, so I said yes. The one girl stood beside me, and the other aimed her camera phone at us. I smiled my constipated smile, my face twitching violently the whole time. After they left my friend let out his howling laughter and I slammed my face onto the nearest wall, wanting to die. The girls were nice, of course, but it just made me so uncomfortable and at the same time a little freaked out, because I don’t know where my photo might end up. What if they were lying? But I guess what’s done is done, and honestly it’s one more interesting thing that happened in my life.

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