What Happened The Past Couple Of Days

To anyone who’ll read this, bear with me, for I type this in a haste as I keep up with all the chores I left hanging last night, plus the ones I ought to do today.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a puddle of water in the middle of my room.


Its origin is still a great mystery. The rain was super heavy the night before, sure, but there was no way the rainwater could have made its way through the entire floor above me without drenching its inhabitant. I checked the bathroom faucets, thinking that I might have left either of them open. It was a negative. I figured that if I spent too much time thinking about it, it would just piss me off, so I got to work and cleaned it up. It may not look like much, but I tell you, it was a pain in the ass to clean. It used up all of my scratch papers, and that’s a lot of paper. In the end, there was still a lot of water left over, so I gave up and let it dry on its own. After a day, there is still a substantial puddle, and chemistry now seems like a bigger mystery than it was before. Who knew evaporation took so long?

So I toddled off to class, acted like I wasn’t emotionally and psychologically dead the previous weekend, and put a smile on for them people I call my friends. I didn’t talk much, though (in my opinion) and I went straight home after class. When I got to the junction before my house, I met the next-door neighbor going to the terminal or somewhere behind me. He stopped, and he looked at me. As is my custom with strangers, I made brief eye contact and shied away, but then I noticed that even as I shimmied away, he was glaring at me. He had this dismayed look on his face, as if it was his bad luck that he had to see my face that day. I looked at him with my “dafuq is your problem” face and went on without looking back.

Needless to say, it had me thinking, and in my case thinking often leads to feeling bad. So I skipped all my chores, listened to an obscure electronic OPM artist, and went straight to bed. Goddamn, if I had punched that neighbor in the face, I would have felt a lot better. I’d be sure to keep that in mind for the next time I see him. I don’t know what his problem was, but in my book telling me what it was would have beat glaring at me disdainfully. Again, the question of  me having less social skills than these people presents itself. What a mystery.

Last night I dreamed that I took a photo of something and posted it here. Know what it was? A severed head. Apparently I had dismembered a person for fun. In my dream, other people dismember people as a sort of craft, and I think I just followed the instructions from a YouTube video. My cadaver rotted, though, and apparently if I’d done it right, it wouldn’t have. I complained about the quality of the YT instruction video I watched (“if you’re gonna make an instruction video you ought to complete your instruction dammit!”), and a lot of people liked the photo, apparently sympathizing with my problem. I don’t know what that dream was about, but when I woke up I had a lot of thoughts regarding cutting out puzzle-shaped pieces of skin from faceless corpses, like in Saw. It was pretty fucking crazy.

I didn’t get to post anything yesterday, because the internet was down from the afternoon until well into the night. I’ll post some poems if I have the time today.

Yes folks, this has been another life update. Been a lot of these lately, and I beg your pardon if you don’t want any of them. I’ll keep posting them, though, so tough luck for you. *evil laugh*


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