An Extremely Long Post About Informative Coincidences (NOT Stalking OK)

Recently I’ve been unintentionally finding out things about people I am, uhh, “interested in” (a euphemism for “having a teenybopper hormone-driven pseudo-crush”). I don’t stalk them on purpose, mind you. Like I told my friend, it just so happens that I am very observant when it comes to things I want.

For instance, around 5PM the other day I walked to the terminal to get on a jeep home, like always. This time, though, I noticed this girl sitting in front of me. I recognized her from the few times we shared the jeepney ride home, but this was the only time I got a good, long look at her (or two). She was in high school; she wore the uniform for the city high school. She was beautiful, really; her skin was radiant, her hair a dark brown boy-cut, and her lips were pink (I didn’t mean to stare, really). Her face was unusually ethereal for a girl her age (which is I’m guessing somewhere around 16), and she could have easily been mistaken for a foreigner. Naturally I developed a crush then and there, and decided to take advantage of my adrenaline rush & the cramped situation in the jeep to snap photos of her in secret. It was a creepy thing to do, I understand, but I couldn’t let the chance pass. I could swear, though, a few times she looked directly at my phone’s camera, ran a hand through her hair, and licked her lips. If she did it on purpose, neither of us said anything. She got off right in front of a house, which I assumed to be hers. So, merely by sharing a jeep ride with her, I found out three things a stranger shouldn’t know about a person: 1.) what school she went to, 2.) what time she went home, and 3.) where she lived exactly. I kind of feel like a dick, but it’s not like I asked for it. I simply happened to notice these things.

There’s also this girl from Uni. She also wears her hair boy-cut style, and she’s pretty tall and beefy, totally unlike that high school ice queen on the jeep. In fact, if I were to be completely honest, she actually and totally reminds me of her (OK let’s skip the awkward emotional talk). I still don’t know her name, or what year she’s in, but two things I do know: 1.) she lives in a particular road a few minutes away from ours, and 2.) she has classes starting from 10AM every Tuesday & Thursday (I know this because the schedules in our school differ only every other day, so that makes same schedules for TTh and WF). I was on the jeep this morning, headed for my 10AM class and looking out the window, when I saw a familiar face bent over fixing a shoe or a pant cuff, while waiting for a jeep by the waiting shed of a certain barangay road. When the jeep passed her by, my head turned back so fast I thought my neck would break. By simple deduction, I came upon the two facts that I have now. See? I didn’t do anything. I just happened to look up and out at the moment that she was standing there.

And then there’s that boy from my one class (yes, I swing both ways–hell, I swing all ways; I’m a pansexual, remember?). I immediately found him cute on the first day, when I ran late and I had to ask him what was going on. From then on I’ve been keeping an eye on him, because y’know. He was nice. So yeah, like I was saying, just this morning I was standing outside & leaning over the staircase when I saw him stand in front of me and start talking. I pulled off my earphones and he explained that he was asking me what we did last meeting, since he was absent. I answered him, and I expected it to end there (though not really, I never really do) when he walked into the classroom, leaving me outside. A few moments later, though, he came back, stood around, and finally got to his real question: where I got my sneakers. I wear a pair of Pink Floyd edition low-cut Chucks, and apparently he noticed it some time or other. We got to talking about it, and he showed me that he had to have his sneaks customized because he couldn’t find sneakers like mine. By sheer virtue of standing around outside the room without talking to anyone, I garnered this much about a boy I had a pseudo-crush on: he likes Pink Floyd. I can’t believe the turn of events, actually. We didn’t talk anymore after that, but maybe next week we will. Or maybe not, since he apparently is “married”, according to his Facebook relationship status (OK so I know his name and I looked him up, is that bad?) but I digress.

If you read this, I applaud you, because it is vile teenage diary shit I thought I had left behind when I graduated high school. The way everything happened is just a little too exceptional for me, though, so I had to tell it. Things like these make me believe that there are times when you really can just sit and wait for things to come to you. It’s just a pity that it has to be something as trivial as stalker-ish gems of information about people I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of hooking up with, but hey, I take what I can get.

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