New Things Everyday

I have mentioned once before that in no way am I a cafe person. To be totally honest, I’ve only ever been in one like, three, four times tops. It makes me feel uncomfortable, mainly because those places always seem to have well-dressed people with books or iPads and lots of money to buy food with. The image of a cafe in my head seems so put-together and magazine-y that it often sends a jolt of fear up my spine when I so much as pass by one of these “high-end” tambayan places for the conio. I’m too casual for places like that. But every now and again, my awesome (and galaero-galaera) friends take me to places that I would unexpectedly love, and cafes are one of those kinds of places. It’s possible that maybe I was just insecure and classist for thinking a certain way about cafes before, but hey, things and times change. And so here I am again, discovering a new warm place to hang out with my sparse friends and play card games and Uno Stackos while eating cheap food and having moderately luxurious tea. Underneath the hustle and bustle of Baguio is a whole new world of coziness, I have come to believe.

photos taken outside UP Baguio and at BookCafe Under The Tree in Baguio.


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