Yesterday afternoon, I met up with my best friend and another friend after class to photocopy some readings and get shit done. Unfortunately for us, our friendship operates on the shared interest of goofing around, eating and talking about nothing, and so it was done. We took a detour to the canteen and stuffed ourselves, did away with our academic obligations quickly at a local mall a little ways off, and after a little hesitation decided to stop by a new cafe nearby. I don’t usually do cafes (I’m more of a junk chain person) but the place was unexpectedly beautiful and the food was cheap, so we felt right at home. We talked for 4 straight hours about problems and nothing at all, and it was great. We plan to do it again on Monday, and on other days following. I look forward to more of these kinds of hangouts; it makes me relax a bit. This is what the afternoon looked like.


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