Umbrella Term: Happenings.

Goodness gracious I have to be at school by 9AM and I have not an hour of decent sleep! That lady sitting beside me on the bus probably did not mean to invade my personal space more than once in the entire trip, but she did. Strangers and unwanted bodily contact give me the hives. *shudders* Needless to say, sleep sat as far away from me as possible and threw scoffs at my direction the entire 6-hour trip. I finally am back here at the boarding house; I’ve only been here for about a couple of hours, though, and I spent it tidying up the house and unpacking-then-sorting my stuff. I have a buttload of readings and a homework assignment due first thing today (which I have already done but neglected to rewrite). My god, I just realized that my schedule today is going to be 6 straight hours of classes, with no breaks for eating.. And I have not slept a wink. I might just die.. But hey, I’ve done this before; what’s one more? Or a thousand? *sigh* Posting daily has been impossible back in Manila, where I had no stable internet connection. Here, though, I’ll hopefully be able to pick up the slack.. Given that the academic hailstorm lets up in the coming days. Well, anyway, this was just a quick update (which in all honesty I cannot afford but what the hey). Off to be  a social adult, bye

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