A Buttermoth? A Motherfly? Whatever, It’s Brown

buttermoth_01All sorts of insects pop up in my room. In the year and a half that I’ve lived here I’ve had the pleasure of playing hostess to a variety of grasshoppers, ants, cockroaches, beetles, & all matters of flying bugs that live in the forest near the back of the house. It’s not as disgusting as you’d imagine; it’s more like a peaceful visitation by the bugs. In all honesty, they don’t do anything but sit there, maybe flutter around the light bulb a little. This one particular moth/butterfly on one particular day last week  happened to be of interest to my camera, and so I inched forward and took a picture. It had been amicable enough. After a few photos, I decided to help it get out. If I hadn’t been too busy at the time I would have thought of a name for it.. But giving it a name would imply ownership. and I did not own that bug, so it was probably for the best.buttermoth_02

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