OK So I’m Reading A Book (Gasp!)

I’ve been reading a Stephen King short story collection called Nightmares & Dreamscapes for a little over two weeks now. I bought it for a little under a hundred pesos from a booksale shop while I was still in Manila. The warping’s a little bad, but what can you expect from a second-hand-books store? And for the quality of the book, at 97php  I’d say it’s a pretty good steal.

I’m a slow reader; I read about 2-3 hours a day every other day, and I’m still only nearing the 700th page. It’s not a bad book, though. The thing is, I don’t consider it a book; it’s a bunch of short stories in binding. That’s probably why I like King’s work on short stories the best; they feel less like an intimidating main course and more like an easily-manageable fruit bowl (full of worms and slobbering things, but what the hey). I grew up on reading short literature in the form of my sisters’ academic readings, so books are still a relatively new thing for me (collective gasp!). It makes me seem less of an intellectual, I know, but I couldn’t give less of a rat’s ass. Oh my, look at how I digress.

The stories are all much shorter than the ones in other short-story anthologies of his that I’ve read (i.e. Night Shift and Different Seasons [the latter actually being a collection of four novelletas, meaning they’re longer]), but Nightmares is all the more striking because the details of each story are condensed in such a short space that you kind of feel bursts of pressure every time you read one of the stories, whether they be boring or gripping or neither. It’s the kind of book that makes you fight with yourself whether you want to eat dinner first or finish this one boring story, because it still feels like it’s going to be good in the end. Overall, I would have to say my 100php was not at all wasted.



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