Thoughts, Plans, & Goings-On For The Day

Been thinking about starting a series of blog posts talking about the music that I listen to, something like “Musician Of The Day” or some such awful program title. If I do get around to it, I might also get on with a “Movie Of The Day” series. It doesn’t have to be something I’m involved with at the moment; just a random pick from my library or whatever. It might do my writing some good, especially if I push myself to post daily. It’s a simple enough exercise; I just hope my internet connection doesn’t fuck me over on this one.

I was supposed to leave the house a few hours ago. The plan for today was to drop by the university to grab some readings, and then head on over to the mall & the market to get some supplies. This was supposed to be a busy day, but now here I am, bent over in front of the laptop, typing away useless over-the-shoulder narrations in between obsessive-compulsively renaming & rearranging audio tracks on my phone’s playlist. Priorities reveal capabilities, indeed. (Also, she was online, so of course I had to talk to her. “Giving up on her” my ass, I’ll ramble on everyday if I have to)

I’ll probably start with the Music/Musician Of The Day thing tomorrow, or later today. For now I’ll have to get up off my butt and move; the fog’s already settling down on the streets outside, and if there’s anything I hate more than human interaction, it’s human interaction while shivering in my bundles of clothing. Besides, I like going out in the afternoons, anyway. Ta!

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